National-Anarchist Network of Texas



The National-Anarchist Network of Texas (NAN-TX) is an attempt to bring together National-Anarchists and associates (non-dogmatic Anarchists of all stripes, Pan-Secessionists, Anti-State Radicals, etc.) across the state of Texas.

National-Anarchism transcends Left and Right, instead aiming for a new pluralist, libertarian form of Anarchism. NAN-TX seeks to promote autonomy at local levels, following the idea that each community knows what is best for itself. The “nation” in National-Anarchism does not refer to a government, state, or arbitrary borders. Rather, a Nation, or a Tribe, is simply a community or group of people working together for common lifestyles and goals. Tribes/Nations can be created based on infinite factors, including geographic locality, religion, ethnicity, subculture, ideology, sexual orientation, or occupation. No unifying element should be ignored or disrespected; in other words, anything and everything can be a basis for Tribal organization. The Nation is a voluntary collective, but every group comprises Individuals whose rights must be respected. NAN-TX believes that the Individual is equally as important as the Collective.

NAN-TX is a network comprised of various individuals and activists who advocate a completely decentralized, stateless territory throughout Texas, comprised of communities where people can live as they please. A coalition of people who seek different things, but overall, advocate an end to statism/government in Texas.

We are opposed to Modernism, Materialism, Consumerism, Statism, Globalization, and Zionism. We believe that the Globalist forces (both Capitalist and Socialist) who have created the disasterous ’modern world’ are enemies of the people, and that they have no right to manipulate our lives. We support the end of nation-states as a necessity for survival and uphold the rebirth of our tribal spirit. Our current governments have failed us, and it’s time for we, the people, to retake our world. For the Community against the State!

To become affiliated with NAN-TX, to join and/or become a contact in your area, be sure to drop an email or come join the FB group. (The latter would be the best option to get in contact with us)

  1. Hey! I joined the group on FB. I am a Geo-Mutualist Panarchist with Biophysical economic leanings.

    I am trying to start up a Texas Anarchist Symposium in Austin. A two day event with speakers, music, debates, panels and demos. Also a faire ground where co-ops, collectives and book stores can trade and sell goods and information.

    We need a massive symposium like this. It is time to bring the Anarchists together. We need to form a real solidarity network and stop alienating eachother.

    What do you think? Will you work with me?

  2. Looks like you’ve been disconnected from Messages. Click to reconnect…
    ✎ Kendall Counts (Trinity River Anarchists Confederation)

    Kendall Counts 10:01 PM
    Sent from Trinity River Anarchists Confederation
    Anyone in this organization who is interested in a worldwide platform for anarchism please check out operation anarchism via hangouts or Google it. We are a group a platform of anarchist based worldwide who follow the ideals of autonomy self-determination Mutual Aid direct action anti authoritarianism and equality. We are looking for individuals who are serious. I myself have been a part of this ideal for about 28 years. I’ve taken part in many activist groups in the Dallas area including the black cat Collective at 1921 Hemphill. I helped with the Phoenix project or 406 arts in Dallas. I’ve worked with cop watch the DFW iww Anarchist black cross Keystone xl pipeline battle along with food not bombs and burrito project. I have taken part in many actions for the environment against poverty end homelessness I’ve worked with the DIY underground music scene and Graf artists. I’ve been active against anti authoritarian issues such as the privatized prison system. Social inequality issues that includes socioeconomic racial and gender issues. I’ve gone to jail for my beliefs. I worked with uproar in the 90s with Scott Crow. It is time for action. The protest movements of the past such as occupy were failures it’s time for our voices to be heard. We need real leaders not those that ask us to follow but those that ask us to stand by their sides. This state of the nation is horrible. The plutocratic capitalist Republic system does not work it is broken. It’s an Economy based on scarcity supply and demand can be manipulated. The two party system is nothing but a divide-and-conquer mechanism and those that live on the streets only serve the purpose to keep the rest in line for if they don’t work if they don’t conform will end up on the street or in the jails in which the correctional Corporation of America has promised that A 97% incarceration rate will be kept so the business of slavery and exploitation can continue with in America. A poor person on the street or someone living amongst the poverty line is not good for business for those that are in power that hoard the money and capital that own the factories the means of production cannot continue to increase their Profits and Power. But a person in jail is worth 40 to $50,000 a year to these corporations. If we do not act now if our voices are not heard the environment will continuously be destroyed the middle class will continue to dwindle poverty will increase homelessness will increase laws will be past such as the Patriot Act that will further take away our freedoms because we are so isolated and marginalised by the society and the community breakdown that we lack security. Our education systems fail us are Healthcare Systems fail us our communities fail us. Are supposedly elected officials fail us the police that are supposed to protect us fail us so it is up to us. The violence in society continues to increase the breakdown of communities continues to increase and there are solutions to these problems. If you would like to contact me directly hit me up on my email from there I will give you my phone number and we can talk personally. I’m going to try and make it to the graffiti lessons at the fabrication yard and the meeting at the black cat Collective next week if possible but I am a single father Raising a Son taking care of an elderly parent living amongst poverty so it is hard for me to get out sometimes. But please at the very least and everyone is welcome to do this look up operation anarchism on YouTube on Hangouts and read the manifestos the platforms the informational videos. I have many practical ideas on how to solve a lot of the problems we face within our communities but these ideas will not be forced upon anyone by me that is not the way an anarchism Works. They must be practical ideas agreed upon by the community in the best interest of the community Through direct action self-determination autonomy and mutual Aid we can accomplish that of the impossible or what is thought of as The Impossible. We put a man on the moon we can create a society that is based upon the anarchist ideal. I call it an ideal because an ideology is set in stone and anarchism must always stay fluid and malleable and involved with the communities in which it serves. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting some of you that I do not know

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