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William Schnack’s “The Evolution of Consent” out October 11th

via The Evolution of Consent

The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays cover image


September 21, 2014


Local thinker, William Schnack, to release book on pantheist spirituality and panarchist economics.

On Saturday, October 11th, Fort Worth resident, William Schnack, will release his nonfiction book entitled The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays. Schnack’s book is a wide ranging work of political economy and spirituality. It answers questions that deeply affect the world today, such as ‘Is there a difference between God and nature?’ and ‘Can society function without authority?’ The Evolution of Consent will be available online and through radical booksellers. The book launch and signing will be held at The Josiah Warren Library, at 1921 Hemphill in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday, October 11th from 3 to 4 p.m. Mr. Schnack will be reading an essay from the book, called “Two Incentives for Cooperation.”

William Schnack has been involved in radical politics for a decade or more. He founded the Dallas/Fort Worth General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, which culminated in an associated effort, the first Starbucks Workers’ Union in Texas. He is also the co-founder of Fort Worth’s local non-profit association, Black Cat Collective, and its associated peer-instructed school of philosophy, The People’s Arcane School.

The Evolution of Consent is quite revolutionary. Amidst the political climate of today, it couldn’t be timelier. This Magnum Opus expresses a spiritual outlook Mr. Schnack calls “Dualist Pantheism” and an outlook on society he deems “Geo-Mutualist Panarchism.” According to his website, Mr. Schnack sees his writings as an effort to “reconcile differences that exist between ideologies,” and to “aid in the coming together of people.” You can find out more about William Schnack and his book from his website,